Born in 1982 Magnus Carlsson grew up in Skellefteċ, northern Sweden. His passion for nature and wildlife, it's diversity and natural beauty originated from early childhood and grew in to deep love. He gained a private pilot's license in 2010 intending to specialize in aerial photography. In 2012, Magnus moved to Lycksele in order to work and to be closer to his loved mountains. Shortly thereafter he sadly passed away in an aviation accident.

Living conditions has improved greatly for many as we have moved from small scale farming on the countryside to larger citites. By doing so there is a risk that we loose contact with nature. This is concerning because at the end of the day we will protect what we love, love what we understand, and understand what we know, Magnus said. By his work, he wished to increase awareness of the unique wildlife and sceneries present in northern Scandinavia, encouraging more people to visit the outdoors – of course with due care and respect - to experience the magnificent environment, which we borrow from generations to come.

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